ConnectorCare Premiums for 2018


Attached are the premium charges by plan and by region for ConnectorCare in 2018.  Starting Nov 1, 2017 current enrollees can change plans, and new applicants can sign up for coverage starting Jan. 1, 2018.  ConnectorCare is offering only one "affordable" plan choice and current enrollees may need to change plans to avoid a premium increase in 2018.  Affordable premiums for Plan Types 1 and 2A (0-150% FPL) have no premium contribution. Plan Type 2B (150-200% FPL) is $44 per person per month. Plan Type 3A (200-250% FPL) is $84 per person per month, and Plan Type 3B is $126 per person per month. The different health plans all offer the same benefits & the co-pays differ by income (Plan Type 1-3B). The differences among health plans are primarily in which hospitals, doctors, and other providers are included in each plan's networks.


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