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Coalition mtg Tues on P-EBT, DTAConnect in Haitian Creole, expungement change


We are hosting a special “2nd Tuesday” Coalition meeting on May 10th on P-EBT. See below. The next regularly scheduled Coalition meeting will be Tuesday, May 24 at 10 AM. 

Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) for school year 20-22: Special Presentation on Tues 5/10 10-11 AM

DTA is sending out the first payments for P-EBT for the current school year (SY21-22) on May 25, 2022.  DTA and MLRI will dive into more detail on the rollout of P-EBT benefits for this school year and how you can both inform families and help them if they think the amount they get is incorrect.  


Tune in to get more information from DTA on how P-EBT will work on Tuesday at 10! Here is the Zoom link. In the meantime, check out for more information! online applications now includes Haitian Creole; more SNAP translated materials! is now in 6 languages, including Haitian Creole! Also, the SNAP Outreach flyers are now available in 14 languages, while the EBT brochures are available in 6 languages.

Expungement of SNAP and P-EBT - now 274 days

When SNAP EBT accounts are idle for too many days without any SNAP purchases, DTA can take SNAP back or “expunge” the value of the old benefits. The 2018 Farm Bill (federal legislation) shortened the expungement timeline from 365 days (12 months) to 274 days (9 months). This means if a household has not accessed their EBT account for 274 consecutive days, then DTA is required to permanently take away (expunge) the SNAP EBT benefits that are 274 days or older. Once expunged, there is no way to get them back. DTA will not take away any SNAP benefits issued more recently. 


DTA has also aligned this change with P-EBT benefits that haven't been accessed at all in 274 days. However, P-EBT is different from SNAP in this way: Families who connect to P-EBT can get expunged P-EBT back. DTA should send the family a notice about their expunged P-EBT benefits and the family should call DTA to ask for the P-EBT to be put back on the account. 

City of Boston Director of Food Justice Dept Job Opportunity!

The City of Boston is hiring and asked us to share the Food Justice Director position, description available here and other City of Boston positions here