CMS Approves Temporary MassHealth 1115 Demonstration Extension

In this announcement, CMS has agreed to extend the current  MassHealth1115 demonstration that otherwise would have expired after June 30, 2022. The temporary extension of the current demonstration is through Sept 30, 2022  during which CMS and MassHealth will continue to work out the terms for a 5 year extension of the demonstration.




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CMS Approves Temporary MassHealth 1115 Demonstration Extension  

On June 9, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) affirmed their strong support for the goals of MassHealth’s 1115 extension proposal submitted in December 2021 and approved a temporary extension of the current 1115 waiver while CMS and MassHealth finalize negotiations on the 5-year agreement. The temporary extension updates the expiration date for the current 1115 waiver to September 30, 2022.   

MassHealth is working closely with CMS to finalize its proposed 5-year 1115 waiver extension. CMS is strongly supportive of MassHealth’s goals for the extension, including:   

  1. Continuing the path of restructuring and reaffirming accountable, value-based care;  
  2. Investing in primary care, behavioral health, and pediatric care to expand access and move the delivery system away from siloed, fee-for-service health care;  
  3. Advancing health equity, with a focus on addressing health-related social needs and specific disparities;  
  4. Supporting the Commonwealth’s safety net and continued linkages to accountable care; and  
  5. Maintaining near-universal health coverage including updates to eligibility policies to support coverage access and equity.   

MassHealth and CMS are jointly committed to approval of the proposed 1115 waiver extension, and MassHealth looks forward to continued collaboration and partnership with CMS throughout the process.    

CMS’s letter of approval for a temporary extension of the MassHealth 1115 demonstration can be viewed at 


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