Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) Resources


A Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) matter is a court case in which the Juvenile Court is asked to help parents and school officials supervise youth. Formally know as CHINS.

There are five kinds of Child Requiring Assistance is a child at least 6 years old who:

  1. repeatedly runs away from home of the parent, legal guardian or custodian (“runaway”);
  2. repeatedly fails to obey the lawful and reasonable rules of a parent, which interferes with the parent/guardian/custodian’s ability to adequately care for and protect the child (“stubborn child”)
  3. repeatedly fails to obey lawful and reasonable school regulations (“school offender”;
  4. willfully fails to attend school for more than 8 school days in a quarter (“truant”); and
  5. has been subjected to sexual exploitation (“sexually exploited child”). 

Links to resources about Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) cases (formerly known as CHINS):