Chester V. Callahan


Ability to Stoop. Medical records showing treatment limited to 10 months is evidence that impairment did not last the required 12 months. RFC limited claimant to four hours of sitting, less than the six hours usually required for sedentary work. This limitation erodes the occupational base more than slightly and, while it does not mandate a finding of disabled, it does require the ALJ to "cite examples of occupations or jobs the individual can do and provide a statement of the incidence of such work in the region where the individual resides or in several regions of the country." SSR 96- 9p, It is not clear at all that claimant's job as a residential counselor was sedentary in nature. The ability to stoop incorporates the ability to bend. "An ability to stoop occasionally is required in most unskilled sedentary occupations and a complete inability to stoop would significantly erode the unskilled sedentary occupational base and a finding that the individual is disabled would usually apply."