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BSEA #09-3109 Worcester Public Schools

William Crane Hearing Officer

Question if student required a residential placement as requested by the mother through her attorney, Tim Sindelar.  Stuident is an 8 year old 2nd grade student with psychiatric disabilities and "profound deficits in self-regulation."  The HO determined that with intensive home-based supports, student would not require a residential placement.  The decision states that Worcester bears responsibility for ensuring that coordinated behavior plans are developed and implemented, regardless of which agency provides the service.  The order states,

"Worcester’s current IEP is reasonably calculated to provide Student with a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment, provided that the following additions are made to the IEP: (1) home-based services that include parent training and behavioral supports, (2) coordinated and consistent behavior plans at school and home, (3) counseling services, and (4) consultation services, all as specified above.  Worcester shall make these changes to the IEP.  Parent’s request for a residential educational placement is denied."

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