Bibliography on welfare and domestic violence from the Project for Reseach on Welfare, Work and Domestic Violence


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Trapped By Poverty, Trapped By Abuse - Supplement #1 By Jody Raphael and Richard Tolman, 1998. Trapped By Poverty, Trapped By Abuse: New Evidence Documenting the Relationship Between Welfare and Domestic Violence By Jody Raphael and Richard Tolman, 1997. Related Publications and Reports "Listening to Olivia: Violence, Poverty, and Prostitution." by Jody Raphael "Saving Bernice: Battered Women, Welfare and Poverty", also by Jody Raphael 2000 Dangerous Indifference: New York City's Failure to Implement the Family Violence Option By Marcellene E. Hearn, Staff Attorney, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund A Joint Project of the NOW Legal Defense Fund; The Legal Aid Society, Civil Division; The Women, Welfare and Abuse Task Force; and The Urban Justice Center. 1999 The Family Violence Option 1999 Report Jody Raphael and Sheila Haennicke, September 1999. Keeping Women Safe Through the Welfare-to-Work Journey: How Are We Doing? Appendix A: Forms and Notices (note: this file is 2,324k and may take a while to download) Appendix B: State-by-State Summary of Domestic Violence Policies Monitoring Domestic Violence Policy and Practice in State Welfare Programs: The Role of Community-Based Groups and Providers - A How-to-Guide By Pamela Jons, March 1999. 1998 The Family Violence Option: An Early Assessment A Center for Impact Research report submitted to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. Jody Raphael and Sheila Haennicke, 9-1-98. 1996 Prisoners of Abuse: Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt by Jody Raphael, Center for Impact Research, 1996. 1995 Domestic Violence: Telling the Untold Welfare-To-Work Story by Jody Raphael, Center for Impact Research, 1995. Research Briefs 2000 Brush, L. (1999/2000). Reports from the family violence and self-sufficiency project. (For more information, contact Lisa D. Brush, Department of Sociology, 2G01 Forbes Quadrangle, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260; (412) 648-7595; Hirsch, A.B. (2000). "Some days are harder than hard": Welfare reform and women with drug convictions in Pennsylvania. Full report available from the Center for Law and Social Policy, (202) 328-5140, . Kok, A. (2000). An evaluation of the LaCrosse County Economic Advocacy Project. (More information available from Dr. Sandra Krajewski, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Department of Women's Studies; (608) 785-8732; (608) 785-8357 (fax);; or Dr. Anne C. Kok, Social Work Professional Program, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay; (920) 465-2567; (920) 465-2824 (fax), Levin, R. (2000). Choosing teammates: The reality of implementing a welfare-to-work program for domestic violence victims and survivors in collaboration with the welfare department. (Available from the Center for Impact Research, 926 North Wolcott, Chicago, IL 60622; (773) 342-0630) Merrill, J.C., Ring-Kurtz, S., Olufokunbi, D., Aversa, S., & Sherker, J. (2000). Women on welfare: A study of Florida WAGES population. (Available from Jeffrey C. Merrill at Pyles, L. (2000). The OARS (Orientation, Assessment, Referral and Safety) Project, Topeka, Kansas. (More information available from Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence, 820 SE Quincy ##600, Topeka, KS 66612; (785) 232-9784) Riger, S., Aherns, C., and Blickenstaff, A. (2000). Measuring interference with employment and education reported by women with abusive partners: Preliminary findings. (Forthcoming in Violence and Victims) Speiglman, R., Fujiwara, L., Norris, J., & Green, R.S. (2000). Alameda county CalWORKs needs assessment, report ##1: A look at potential health-related barriers to self-sufficiency. (Available from Richard Speiglman, (510) 649-1987), Swan, M.T., & Nelyon, N. (2000). Ohio Domestic Violence Network Welfare Research. (Available from the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, 4041 North High Street, Suite 400, Columbus, OH 43214; (614) 784-0023) 1999 Barusch, A., Taylor, M.J. & Derr, M. (1999). Understanding families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency. Submitted to Utah Dept. of Workforce Services. Salt Lake City: University of Utah, Social Research Institute. Lloyd, S., & Taluc, N. (1999). The effects of male violence on female employment. Violence Against Women, 5(4), 370-392. Moore, T., & Selkowe, V. (1999). Domestic violence victims in transition from welfare to work: Barriers to self-sufficiency and the W-2 response. (Available from The Institute for Wisconsin's Future, Vicky Selkowe, W-2 Project Coordinator, 1717 S. 12th Street, Suite 203, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204; (414) 384-9094;; Ng, D. (1999). From war on poverty to war on welfare: The impact of welfare reform on the lives of immigrant women. (Available from Equal Rights Advocates, Doris Y. Ng, 1663 Mission Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, California 94103; (415) 621-0672; Pearson, J., Thoennes, N., & Griswold, E.A. (1999). New approaches to self-sufficiency and safety in public assistance and child support agencies: Preliminary findings from three demonstration projects. (Available from the Center for Policy Research, 1570 Emerson Street, Denver, CO 80218) Smith, M.W. (1999). Abuse and work among poor women: Evidence from Washington State. (Available from The MEDSTAT Group, 4301 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 330, Washington, DC 20008) Tolman, R. & Rosen, D. (1999). Domestic violence in the lives of welfare recipients: Implications for the Family Violence Option. Manuscript submitted for publication. Journals and Symposia Law and Policy Symposium on Domestic Violence and Welfare Violence Against Women has a special issue on the topic of welfare, work, and domestic violence (April 1999, Volume 5, Number 4). 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