Benefits Included in MassHealth by Coverage Type 2022


Attached is a Table prepared by MLRI of the different kinds of services and service providers that are available under the various MassHealth coverage types described in MassHealth eligibility regulations & cross referencing to MassHealth fee for service regulations. It's been updated for 2022. The purpose of the Table is both to show how services differ among the different types of MassHealth, and also to direct people to the fee-for-service regulations where the scope of services are described in more detail. However, to fully understand the scope of services, people will usually need to consult additional information besides the fee-for-services regulations such as provider bulletins and manuals and medical necessity guidelines posted on the MassHealth website  and on the website of MassHealth managed care plans. As an example, attached is the list of covered services from the 2018 model contract for the MassHealth Managed Care Organizations and the  Accountable Care Partnership Plans.