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Battered Women's Justice Project Website


The Battered Women's Justice Project (BWJP) is a collaborative effort of three nationally respected organizations that have pioneered innovative civil and criminal justice responses to domestic violence. Minnesota Program Development, Inc., better known as the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, manages the BWJP Criminal Justice Office. The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence coordinates the BWJP Civil Justice Office.

The National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women operates the BWJP Defense Office. Each office maintains up-to-date libraries of related resources and provides training and technical assistance to communities around the country. Information is available to battered women, advocates, legal and justice system personal, policymakers, and others engaged in the justice response to domestic violence. None of the offices provide direct legal representation, but focus instead on communicating best practices and policies to professionals in the field and the public.

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