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Basic Interpreter Training Videos

Clarity Interpreting

These basic training videos, produced by Clarity Interpreting, highlight 7 tips that demonstrate some of the core differences between a trained and untrained interpreter.  The videos give examples of each tip through a recorded interpreted encounter.

The 7 Tips include:

  1. Body Positioning
  2. Speaking in First Person
  3. Never Add, Omit or Substitute
  4. Handling Side Conversation
  5. Clarifying
  6. Managing the Session
  7. Tone, Register and Style

CLICK HERE to access Interpreter Training Unit 1, which addresses tips 1-4.

CLICK HERE to access Interpreter Training Unit 2, which addresses tips 5-7.

These tips are focused on the mechanics of a more effective interpreted encounter and are primarily focused on the interpreter. These videos do not necessarily address potential problems in the interviewing style of the advocate in communicating more effectively with the LEP party. 

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