The American Veterans & Servicemembers Survival Guide

National Veteran's Legal Service Program

"This [free] 605-page guide describes in depth the problems of the vet and servicemember (and his or her family), the benefits and services available to him or her (and family) and the veterans and servicemembers issues that will be decided in the next several years. Most important, it helps the veteran and servicemember understand how various agencies work not just in theory but in practice and how he or she can cut through the bureaucracy and confusion and get the benefits and services to which he or she is entitled.

Chapter 1 - Basic Survival Skills
Chapter 2 - The Department of Veterans Affairs
Chapter 3 - Service-Connected Compensation
Chapter 4 - Need-Based Pension for Low Income Veterans or Survivors
Chapter 5 - Explaining the VA Claims & Approval Process
Chapter 6 - VA Attempts to Recover "Overpayments"
Chapter 7 -  Educational Assistance and Vocational Rehabilitation
Chapter 8 - VA Housing Programs
Chapter 9 - VA Medical Care
Chapter 10 - VA Programs for Veterans' Family Members and Survivors
Chapter 11 - Employment, Self-Employment and the Small Business Administration
Chapter 12 - Re-Employment Rights and Associated Rights for Time Spent in Military Service
Chapter 13 - Homeless Veteran Programs
Chapter 14 - Veterans in the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 15 - Upgrading Less-Than-Fully-Honorable Discharges
Chapter 16 - Correcting Military Records and Related Issues
Chapter 17 - Getting Your Military Records
Chapter 18 - Early Discharge or Separation
Chapter 19 - Disability Separation and Retirement
Chapter 20 - Advice for Families and Caregivers of Wounded Servicemembers and Veterans
Chapter 21 - The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
Chapter 22 - Benefits for Active Duty Servicemembers' Families
Chapter 23 - Voting Rights Issues
Chapter 24 - National Guard and Reserve Call-Up Issues
Chapter 25 - Family Law Issues for Servicemembers
Chapter 26 - Women Servicemembers and Veterans
Chapter 27 - Overview of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Chapter 28 - Immigration, Obtaining Citizenship Through U.S. Military Service

This publication, written by Veterans for America, is instrumental in helping veterans and current service members, especially those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, get the help they need and deserve."