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Alert to legal aid offices and social service providers about MassHealth terminations and the availability of MassHealth Renewal Extensions

Vicky Pulos, MLRI

It is not too late for renewing MassHealth members who receive termination notices to reapply and reinstate their coverage back to the date it ended, and you can help

What happened? Almost 300,000 MassHealth renewal notices were mailed in January and February giving 500,000 MassHealth members March deadlines to submit a reapplication in order to renew their MassHealth coverage. The last of the deadlines was March 29, 2015. Within a few days grace period from the deadlines, members whose reapplications were not submitted were mailed or will be mailed advance notices terminating their MassHealth coverage on one of three closing dates: March 31, 2015, April 11, 2015 or April 17, 2015. We don’t know how many people missed the March deadlines, but think it may be a lot.

This alert describes what you can do to help your clients reinstate their coverage and avoid a future termination.

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