A&F Administrative Bulletin #16: Language Access Policy Implementation Guidelines

Massachusetts Office of Access and Opportunity

The original A&F Bulletin #16, in the form of a Language Access Policy and Implementation Guidance, was released on August 1, 2010 to all MA state agencies in the Executive Branch. The Bulletin gave guidance regarding language access issues and directed agencies to appoint a Language Access Coordinator and create a Language Access Plan for their agency.

According to the Bulletin, "The purpose of the Administrative Bulletin is to provide guidance to state agencies as they develop Language Access Plans to: (a) Improve access to state services, programs and activities on the part of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) persons; (b) Reduce disparities and delays, if any, in provision of state services/programs to eligible LEP persons; and (c) Increase agency effectiveness.  Additionally, the Administrative Bulletin and the Guidelines contained herein are meant to establish a common baseline for creating access to state services, programs and activities on the part of LEP persons.  An agency may and should go beyond these guidelines as needs and circumstances dictate."

The Bulletin was updated and re-released on October 10, 2012 for agencies to update their Language Access Plan. The updated Bulletin #16 is attached below.

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