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Action Alert: Override the Governor's Veto of Full MH Adult Dental

In an incredible victory, the FY21 Conference Budget included a line item restoring full MassHealth adult dental coverage back to the same level of coverage before significant cuts were made in 2010! The line item included $19 million of funding. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed this provision. We need your help to restore it. 
Can you contact Senate President Spilka and House Speaker DeLeo, as well as your own representatives, to ask them to override the Governor's veto of line item 4000-0700? 
The provision restoring full adult dental benefits includes coverage for root canal treatments and crowns, which would allow MassHealth members to have their otherwise healthy teeth treated and repaired instead of extracted. Further, oral health is linked with an individual's overall health. Full restoration of these benefits would come at a time when it is critical to protect individuals' health so that hospitals and front-line health care workers are free to focus on the pandemic. Please contact President Spilka, Speaker DeLeo, and your legislators to encourage them to override the Governor's veto of these important health benefits. 
President Spilka's contact information:
Speaker DeLeo's contact information:
Click here to find your legislators and their contact information.