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Action Alert: Call to Support the MassHealth Estate Recovery Amendment Today

Rep Christin Barber, has filed an amendment to the House's big tax relief and economic development bill (H 5007) to make two key statutory changes to MassHealth Estate Recovery: Please call your representatives to support amendment 807 today. This bill is moving quickly!
Amendment 807 to H. 5007 Protecting the Homes of Seniors and Disabled People on MassHealth will --
1. Limit Medicaid estate recovery to just the federally mandated amounts --spending on nursing homes, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and certain related services NOT all spending after a MassHealth member turns age 55 as now required by state statute, and
2. Direct MassHealth to seek a waiver if necessary to not pursue estate recovery for spending on CommonHealth or for PCA services.
Medicaid estate recovery is an estate tax on the poor 
The tax relief package would among other things provide estate tax relief for about 2500 people with estates over $1 million at a cost of over $200 million. Medicaid estate recovery is essentially an estate tax on the poor, and amendment 807 provides them relief too. See the attached fact sheet for more information. 
Please call or write your state Representatives & House leadership to support amendment 807 today. 
Speaker of the House
Chair of House Ways and Means
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