2023 Upper Income Limits in MassHealth and Health Connector

MLRI & MassHealth
MassHealth updates its income standards with the current year's poverty level on March 1. Attached is MLRI's table showing the upper income levels for MassHealth and Health Connector programs, updated to show the cost of living adjustments for 2023 that take effect in MassHealth programs on March 1, 2023. 
In 2023, the  Health Connector uses the 2022 federal poverty levels (fpl) that were in effect when open enrollment began in Nov 2022 for 2023 coverage, and sticks with the 2022 FPL for determining eligibility for coverage throughout 2023.  It uses the 2023 fpl starting in Nov 2023 when open enrollment begins for coverage in calendar year 2024. MLRI updates the ConnectorCare section of its FPL Table in Nov 2023 for 2024 open enrollment. 
The MassHealth 2023 Desk Guide, showing the upper income levels for MassHealth and Medicare Savings Programs as monthly and yearly figures  is attached and available at the website below. It shows the new Jan 1 2023 amount for the Medicaid Savings Program: 190% FPL for QMB and 225% FPL for payment of the Part B premium only.
Rounding. The MassHealth Desk Guide shows the MAGI-based upper income levels rounded up to the next dollar, but the actual figures are not rounded in this way.  MLRI's 2023 Income Table shows monthly figures for the MAGI income standard based on the actual figures used for program determinations plus the actual figure used for the 5% of poverty standard income deduction used in MAGI.