2020-82: SNAP: COVID-19 Streamlined Recertification Form to Most Households


Online Guide Transmittal (OLGT) 2020-60, issued August 28, 2020, outlined temporary modifications to the SNAP recertification process. These modifications included the replacement of the regular SNAP recertification form with the simplified COVID-19 recertification form, the streamlining of the recertification workflow, and the use of the Interim Report (IR) in lieu of recertification for households whose certification periods were not extended by 6 months in March 2020.

To continue providing relief to both clients and staff during the COVID-19 emergency, the Department will continue simplifying SNAP recertifications by merging COVID-19 recertifications and IRs in lieu of recertification as follows:

  •   The Department will extend the use of the COVID-19 recertification form to all SNAP-only households with certification end dates on or before December 2021.
  • Staff will be able to recertify these households using most of the IR verification and certification procedures.

    Note: Bay State CAP households will continue to receive the Bay State CAP recertification form.

    The Department is enacting these procedures based on the flexibilities offered through the Continuing Resolution Bill.

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