2020-53: Cross Programs: Telephonic Signature for Recertifications and Reevaluations


On June 15, 2020, the Department issued Online Guide Transmittal 2020-42 to outline procedures for the temporary use of telephonic signatures at application for the SNAP, TAFDC, and EAEDC programs. The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has since provided clarification that the telephonic signature waiver extends to Recertifications.

Effective immediately, the Department will also accept telephonic signatures for SNAP Recertifications, and for TAFDC and EAEDC reevaluations.

As with applications, telephonic signature at Recertification or reevaluation means that clients can recertify for SNAP, TAFDC or EAEDC benefits without providing a wet signature on a form or an electronic signature through DTAConnect. Additionally, clients who inadvertently submit an unsigned Recertification or reevaluation form can complete the process without resubmitting the form with a wet signature or online.

Important: Telephonic signatures are only valid for applications, SNAP Recertifications, and TAFDC/EAEDC reevaluations. They are not valid for Interim Reports and/or any other document or form that requires a signature.

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