2020-49: TAFDC: Temporary Changes for TAFDC Work Program Required Clients


In an effort to address the evolving needs of families during the COVID-19 public health crisis, DTA has stopped TAFDC state clocks from accruing countable months and has entered a compliance reason for all work program required clients. At this time no TAFDC case should be closed or denied due to work program requirements or state clock time limits.

  • All TAFDC clients who are currently work program required will be granted the new compliance reason ‘COVID-19 Exemption’ in the Work Requirement window

  • All TAFDC clients who have accrued countable months on their state clock for March, April, May and June of 2020 will have those months removed using ‘Administrative Adjustment’, and;

  • State clocks will not accrue at this time. Staff will be notified when accrual resumes.

    An applicant for TAFDC who has already used 24 months of benefits should have the application and the extension request completed. These families must also be referred to the FEW during the application/extension process to ensure they are aware of ESP opportunities and supports. These extensions must be extended as needed until further notice.

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