2020-42: Cross Program: Telephonic Signature


DTA now accepts telephonic signature for applications for the SNAP, TAFDC and EAEDC programs. The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has approved a temporary waiver allowing the Department to accept telephonic signatures for SNAP applications. Telephonic signature provides another access point for applicants.

Telephonic signature means clients are able to apply for DTA benefits, including SNAP, over the phone without having to submit a signed paper application or a web application. Additionally, telephonic signature allows clients who inadvertently submitted an unsigned application to complete the application process without re-submitting the application with a wet or electronic signature.

Telephonic signature is restricted to applications. It is not valid for use during Recertification, Interim Report, Reevaluation or any other document or form that requires a signature.

The following BEACON updates were made to accommodate the implementation of Telephonic Signature:

  •   Telephone was added to the Method of Application drop list in The Request for Assistance workflow.

  •   Federal Telephone Call and Telephone Exception were removed from the drop list to avoid confusion; and

  •   Central Print functionality was added for cash/combo applications.

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