2019 Upper Income Levels for MassHealth & Other Health Programs


Attached are updated income tables for 2019 showing the upper income limits in MassHealth and Other Health programs. One Table is the MassHealth Desk Guide showing the annual and monthly amounts that correspond to different percentages of the federal poverty level used by MassHealth; the 5% of FPL MAGI deduction is shown as a separate column. The other Table is prepared by MLRI and  it adds in the amount of the standard $20 or 5% of FPL deduction in MassHealth and shows the resulting income upper limits as monthly or weekly amounts, it also shows which population group &  what type of coverage corresponds to the different upper income levels, and it includes the ConnectorCare annual upper income limits for each plan type. 

Nov 1, 2019 Update: We've added a Table with updated ConnectorCare/APTC upper income levels for 2020 coverage which are based on the 2019 federal poverty level. People can apply for 2020 coverage starting Nov 1, 2019.