2019-55: Cross Programs: Using a TAO Address to Receive Mail


The Online Guide has been updated to include procedures for assisting clients who are unable to provide a mailing address, as originally noted in Online Guide Transmittal 2015-35. Many clients, especially those who are homeless, have no place to receive mail. Case managers must make every effort to assist these individuals.

Case managers must first explore possible alternatives for a mailing address, such as the address of a friend, relative, authorized representative, or shelter. But if none of these alternatives are available to the client, then the case manager must offer the use of the client’s nearest Transitional Assistance Office (TAO) to receive mail.

Clients who establish a TAO as a mailing address must agree to retrieve their mail at least once a week and only use that address for DTA purposes. A client can agree to these terms by signing a Using TAO for Mailing Address form, or by writing a statement that s/he wishes to receive Department mail at his/her nearest office and agrees to these rules.

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