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2016 - DTA "Transitions" Newsletters


DTA Transitions from 2016 are posted here.

January 2016 Quality Corner: When a case manager receives a preprinted recertification form, he or she must review the form to identify changes. The SUA page is designed to receive answers to the utility questions. Based on these answers, BEACON determines which, if any, of the SUA types the household is entitled to receive. The only responsibility case managers have for the SUA page is to enter the answers the client provides. SNAP– ABAWD Work Program Requirement: Online Guide Transmittal 2016-1 informs staff of multiple updates pertaining to ABAWD clients. New pages explain community service responsibilities and clarify that BEACON automates work program sanctions (or strikes), with the exception of out-of-state strikes, which must be entered manually.

February 2016 SNAP – ABAWD Work Program Requirement Clarifications: Including a new page entitled ABAWD Reporting Requirements that clarifies the reporting requirements of ABAWD clients subject to Simplified Reporting rules, a new page entitled Entering and Removing ABAWD Work Program Sanctions that details the BEACON steps to address manual sanctions; the ABAWD Work Program Requirements Overview page that was updated to explain how clients may regain eligibility after using three countable months; the Work Requirements Screening page which clarifies that screening questions must be reviewed during application, recertification, and address changes; the ABAWD Work Program Requirement Medical Report form page that was updated to advise staff of the ability to print a BEACON-generated ABAWD Work Program Requirement Medical Report. Additional methods of verifying medical exemptions are listed; the Community Service page that was updated to advise staff of the procedures related to monitoring community service participation; the Request for ABAWD Work Program Exemption forms and Entering ABAWD Work Program Data pages which explain that exemption status must not be updated until verification of exemption is received.

March 2016 Quality Corner: When entering a client’s UC income, case managers must always enter the gross amount. In certain instances, the client may be eligible for an expense deduction for child support paid. This is allowed only when the child support paid is verified to be legally obligated and the client shows proof of payment such as from UC benefits or through cancelled checks, etc. However, even in such instances, case managers are required to enter the gross UC income.

April 2016 Quality Corner: It is important to remember that the date of the application is the day the application is received at the DPC and not the date the action is received by the case manager. Staff at the DPC date stamp the document with the date it was received. On this application form, the date was clearly marked as October 13, 2015. Since the case manager created the RFA for October 17, the 30-day processing time frame began late on BEACON and caused the case to be denied late. For more information on denying a SNAP application, see the Online Guide, SNAP Application Processing, Approving Denying a SNAP Application.

May 2016 Policy Procedure Mailbox: Interpreter services are a legal right that all clients have, across all DTA Programs. DTA staff must provide interpreter services whenever English is not the client’s primary language or when the client uses American Sign Language (ASL).

June 2016 Quality Corner: It is important for staff to be vigilant when processing cases. When unsure about policy or procedure, defer to the tools that have been made available to case managers such as the Online Guide, Job Aids, Webinars, and DTA Procedural Mailbox.

July 2016 Quality Corner: Any eligible expense, not just medical expenses, incurred by a household must always be attributed and itemized under the individual that incurred the expense.

August 2016  Quality Corner: Inadequate review of scanned document. FYI: Fuel Assistance 2016-2017 

September 2016 Quality Corner: SNAP case shouldn't have closed due to one illegible pay stub

October 2016 Quality Corner: Error to require verification checklist dependent care, utility or shelter expenses which can be self verified.

November 2016

December 2016 Quality Corner: Inaccurate review of reevaluation workflow; inadequate review of scanned docuent history

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