2016 ConnectorCare Materials


The Connector has updated flyers and other informational materials about ConnectorCare for 2016 coverage.   Follow the link to their "Resource Download Center" for documents that include the 2016 Guide to ConnectorCare; a Guide to subsidized plans explaining how advance premium tax credits operate; a ConnectorCare Shopping Guide explaining plan choices and how to enroll in a plan, and a multi-lingual Guide to the Renewal Process for those enrolled in 2015 who want coverage to continue in 2016.. 

Attached is a copy of the flyer describing ConnectorCare in 2016. It includes a description of the benefits, copays, minimium premium charges and plans in ConnectorCare. Also attached is a documented presented to the Connector board that includes on pp. 28-39 the premium charges for ConnectorCare in 2016 by plan type and by region. 

Follow this link for a list of which hospitals and community health centers are included in each of the managed care plans that offer ConnectorCare. https://www.mahealthconnector.org/wp-content/uploads/ConnectorCare-Shopping-Guide-2016.pdf

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