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2010 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2010


DTA Transitions newsletters from 2010 are posted here.

  • December 2010 EAEDC: New Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement and New Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance (AP-SSI-IAR) Form; Funeral and Final Disposition Payment Changes; Verification; Access to the Work Number; Globe Santa Mailing - Update for Clients Living in Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill; FYI: Expedited Issuance of SNAP Benefits
  • November 2010 Fall 2010 SNAP Heat and Eat (H-EAT) Program Update; Puerto Rico Birth Certificates; Confidentiality of Case Record Information and the BEACON Heightened Level of Security Indicator; SNAP: Suspension of Interview Waiver for Certain Elderly/Disabled Households; FYI: Entering Medicare Part D Information in BEACON; FYI: Temporary MassHealth Cards
  • October 2010 Domestic Violence (DV); General Procedures; Verifying Noncitizen Status; Fuel Assistance - Change in Communicating Information; Certain CIES Vendors Reaching Slot Capacity; Globe Santa Mailing - Eligibility Eliminated for Clients Living in Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill; FYI: BEACON 3.0 Update; FYI: Health Safety Net; FYI: Suspension of SNAP ABAWD Rules Extended; FYI: Transportation; From the Forms File
  • September 2010 Verifying Noncitizen Status; TAFDC Clothing Allowance; TAFDC and SNAP: 2010 Federal Poverty Guidelines; Implementation of the SNAP Expedited Waiver; BEACON 3.0 Implementation; ARRA $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Update; FYI: BEACON 3.0 Update
  • August 2010 Disability Evaluation Services (DES) Psychological Consultative Examinations in the Worcester TAO; BEACON 3.0 Home Page and Tools; Funeral and Final Disposition Payment Changes; Processing the TAFDC or SNAP Benefits for Clients Affected by the Loss of Unemployment Compensation Benefits; FYI: BEACON 3.0 Update; FYI: TAFDC: Child Care for Homework and Study Time; FYI: Treatment of Nutritional Assistance Program (NAP) Benefits from Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • July 2010 Self-Declaration of Shelter and Utility Expenses; Department Obligations Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA); BEACON 3.0 Implementation; FYI: Changes to Puerto Rico Birth Certificates; FYI: Participation and Attendance Form Data Entry Online Guide; FYI: Reminder for Domestic Violence Protocols; FYI: Reminder: Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI) Must Be Sent; Diversity Quote
  • June 2010 From the Forms File; Cultural Communication; Changes to the Community Service Program; Monthly Reporting Changes; SNAP Eligibility for Certain Community College Students; FYI: Getting Ready for BEACON 3
  • May 2010 Diversity Quote; Cultural Communication; Kelley Blue Book and Car Values; Spring 2010 SNAP Heat and Eat (H-EAT) Program Update; Eligibility for Haitians with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Following the Haiti Earthquake; Update on the ARRA $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Benefit; FYI: Eligibility for Certain Haitian Orphans Following the Haiti Earthquake; FYI: Getting Ready for BEACON 3; FYI: CIES Enrollments
  • April 2010 Suspension of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNA) Benefits; Elimination of the Eligibility Time Limit for Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants; DTA Works Program Expanded; Eligibility Reviews; FYI: Filling Out the 2010 Census; FYI: Getting Ready for BEACON 3; FYI: Microsoft e-learning; FYI: Policy for the Prevention and Elimination of Workplace; Cultural Communication
  • March 2010 BEACON 3.0 User Acceptance Testing (UAT); Updated Orientation PowerPoint Presentation as an Application Activity; Reminder: CIES Populations Best Served; Changes to the Community Service Program; Random Moment Sampling E-mail Survey System; Changes to the Virtual Gateway Consumer and Provider Face Common Intake Applications; Clothing Allowance; FYI: Getting Ready for BEACON 3; FYI: Decrease in Federal Mileage Rate; Cultural Communication; FYI: Exclusion of Subsidized Mortgage Payments; FYI: Sexual Harassment Policy
  • February 2010 Centralization of the Department of Children and Families Child in Placement Match Process; ARRA $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Benefit Noncountable for SNAP; Diversity Quote; Prefilled SNAP Recertification Forms: Your SNAP Recertification Form and the Updated Food Stamp Semiannual Report; Medex Premium Rate Changes and Medicare Changes; Work Program Requirement Change Cancellation; My Account Page (MAP): Initial Roll-out; Security Enhancement to the EPPIC System; MassHealth Central Filing Unit Initiative; TAOs as Community Service Sites; DTA Works Program Reinstated; Cultural Communication; EACON 3.0 User Acceptance Testing (UAT); TAFDC, EAEDC, and SNAP - Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Screen Guide; FYI: Getting Ready for BEACON 3; FYI: The Need for SNAP Application and Recertification Interviews
  • January 2010 Quality Corner: From the Forms File; From the Hotline Index; Work Program Requirement Expansion; SNAP Program Access Review; Community Service Site Clean-up Report; ESP Transportation Changes; Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Massachusetts Earned Income Credit (EIC) and Child Care Assistance Annual Mailing; Diversity Quote; FYI: Getting Ready for BEACON 3; FYI: Verifying Medical Deductions in SNAP; Cultural Communication; FYI: Reminder about the EAEDC AP-SSI-1 Reimbursement Requirement; FYI: Assignment of Support T-A34/36 Form
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