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2002 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2002


DTA Transitions Newsletters for 2002:

  • December 2002:  TAFDC AP'sreceiving SSI; Simplified FS application; FS Transitional Benefits Alternative (TBA); Food Stamp work requirements and the 36 month clock; FS Farm Bill semi-annual reporting.
  • November 2002:  Child Support; Direct Deposit; Disability; Department obligations under the ADA; Child Care Authorizations; Elimination of the STAFDC program and ongoing noncitizens; noncitizen changes in the TAFDC program; Food Stamp Quality Corner: recertification.
  • October 2002:  Elimination of STAFDC program; mandatory direct deposit; FS asset limit change for disabled individuals; change in beenfit availability for daily issuances; FS employment training and referrals; EA shelter placement and eligibility standard; right to an interpreter; Composition of the assistance unit where child is ineligible; noncitizen changes; Food Stamp Quality Control: if FS household pays half the utilities, entitled to half the SUA.
  • September 2002:  FS benefits for disabled recipients; computer matches; elimination of STAFDC program; clothing allowance; restoration of SSFSP benefits for August 2002; EA eligibility standard, rental arrearages, and disaster benefits.
  • August 2002:  Child support; 60 month time clock; changes to FS calculation for combined FS/SSFS households; FS changes from PRWORA and misc. changes; transportation for EA families in hotels; TAFDC, EAEDC, and FS noncitizen changes; restoration of SSFS benefits;  waiving face-to-face interviews for NAP FS AU's; CLosing an AU member; Changing the address for Domoestic Violence AU's.
  • July 2002:  EA: court order-- 90 days to appeal;fair hearing rules corrections; FS expanded categorical eligibility; TAFDC child care; Food Stamp Quality Corner: Qualifying work quarters for LPR households.
  • June 2002:  Federal veterans match; Change in the number of free ATM cash withdrawals with EBT cards; Suspension of SSFSP program; suspension of EAEDC benefits; TAFDC and EAEDC: Good Cause criteria and the Good Cause Medical Statement; Department obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • May 2002:  FS excess medical deduction; calculation of FS/SSFS combination cases; FS expanded categorical eligibility;  fair hearing rules; FPL increase; suspension of SSFS benefits; insufficient fundsin the EA rental arrearage account; reductiojn of EAEDC benefits; treatment of Refugee Reception and Placement cash grant; Fs change reporting and new benefits.
  • April 2002:  Quality corner: For Food Stamps, direct child support is considered children's income but DEFRA payment is considered mother's (relevant where some household members are ineligible noncitizens); Vendor payments; teens in shelter.
  • March 2002:  Domestic Violence Teen Living Program; NPA FS Universal Quarterly Reporting; Hotel invoices; SSI interim reimbursement; Food Stamp Quality Corner: worker duty to inquire about landlord verifications, and to make changes to benefit amounts based on changed housing situations reported in monthly reports.
  • February 2002:  Family Cap Exception/ Waiver Request Form; New TAFDC 60 month period; Division of Hearings address change; EIC; Hotel/Motel revisions; EA shelter terminations; Food Stamps: Quality Corner: Income, immigration.
  • January 2002:  FS attributed amount, benefit issuance mechanism, and interview wrap-up; change to TAFDC/EAEDC financial eligibility-- noncountable income clarification;  FS and TAFDC eligibility for Drug Felons; Food Stamp Quality Corner: reading a gas bill, obligation to put newborn child on for next month and issue supplemental payment if delayed.
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