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2001 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2001


DTA Transitions Newsletters for 2001:

  • December 2001:  EA hotel/motel placements; FS verifying household expenses; changes and clarifications to TAFDC and EAEDC regulations;  TAFDC new 60 month clock.
  • November 2001:  CORI checks; FS elimination of vehicles as countable assets; Family Resources brochure; Forms which continue to be used with Beacon; Household expenses and vendor payments; Expanded FS categorical eligibility; federal veterans' match report; TAFDC new 60 month clock;  TAFDC case history for Domestic Violence Waiver Request form; Food Stamps Quality Corner: child care deduction, child support income.
  • October 2001:  Authorization for reimbursemtn of EAEDC from retro SSI payment; FS COLA; PNA checks and detoxification services; child support; interview wrap-up.
  • September 2001:  Beacon post-conversion; completing EA invoices for hotels and motels; Changes to EA verification timeframes, undocumented noncitizens, assignment rights form, learnfare and prospective income; teen parents; FS categorical eligibility and expedited FS issuance; clothing allowance; third party liability reference guide. 
  • August 2001:  Request for Assistance (RFA-1) and Applicatioln for TAFDC forms; TAFDC potential to graduate report and EAEDC 18-20 years report; income from Youthbuild and Americorps; EA requests; SSI Special Benefits.
  • July 2001:  Federal income tax rebates; Beacon issues; EA Self-Sufficiency Plan Phase II.
  • June 2001:  ESP expansion of Basic and Structured Job Search; Cooperation with child support enforcement requirements; Gambino v. McIntire lawsuit; EA self-sufficiency plan; Beacon 2.0 release and tests; Food Stamp elderly/disabled indicator.
  • May 2001:  Changes to TAFDC extension process; FS implementation of the Homeless Shelter/Utility Deduction; Mislabeled DEFRA reports; Beacon issues; Food Stamp Quality Corner: Categrical eligibility, child support income and DEFRA payments.
  • April 2001:  TAFDC and EAEDC default warrant ineligibility; customer service center; Temporary MassHealth cards for TAFDCand EAEDC applicants and recipients; Eligibility for EA related to 236 or 221D3 housing subsidy;  FS increase in max excess shelter deduction; Inaccessible assets and domestic violence; Beacon issues; Food Stamp Quality Control: noncitizen eligibility.
  • March 2001
  • February 2001:  Emergency Assistance and TAFDC work program; EA hotel/motel placement; change in EA shelter billing process; Earned Income Credit; Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) working with TAFDC recipients; Young Parent Program; change reporting notice.
  • January 2001:  Section 8 Joblink voucher program; SSI recipients residingin rest homes of community support facilities; CORI checks; TAFDC and EA vehicles as countable assets; TAFDC extensions; sanctioned recipients child support report; increased FS heaing standard utility allowance (SUA); timely FS case processing for homeless AU's; Food Stamp Quality Corner: verifications, terminated income.
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