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2000 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2000


DTA Transitions Newsletters for 2000:

  • December 2000:  Reminder-- helping applicants and recipients verify eligibility; Smith v. McIntire lawsuit-- TAFDC time limit; SSi income match.
  • November 2000:  FSP Policy Clarification-- SEP accounts;  TAFDC extensions; Thibault lawsuit-- TAFDC disability exemptions; EA HAP program; when a referral to DES is not required; FS notice to income-eligible child care recipients; Food Stamp Quality Control: checking for separate household status eligibility, changed shelter costs.
  • October 2000:  Elimination of fees for TAFDC child care; Quality Control: Food Stamp errors regarding income reporting.
  • September 2000:  Emergency hotel placement and single EA eligibility standard; Smith v.McIntire lawsuit re: extensions; TAFDC clothing allowance; Food Stamp Quality Control: child support income, monthly reporting issues.
  • August 2000:  Noncitizen proration calculation workbook (for combined FS/SSFS cases); EA shelter transfer notices; form for authorization of SSI reimbursement for EAEDC; Domestic violence specialist personal ID numbers; TAFDC COLA; Educational assistance income for cash and FS benefits; Food Stamps Quality Corner: collateral contacts, anticipated income.
  • July 2000:  Curing sanctions and child care; Food Stamp household composition desk guide; EBT purged records;Food Stamps Quality Corner: counting child support of children on SSI, only use actual utility expenses if exceed the SUA, noncitizens approved for EAEDC or for TAFDC disability exemption are eligible for federal Food Stamps.
  • June 2000:  FS Household Composition Desk Guide; Domestic Violence victims and legal change of names and SSN's; post-secondary education and 4-year colleges; DOR new hire recipient match change; FS household expenses;  voluntary repayment deduction for overpayment; how to count AmeriCorps benefits.
  • May 2000:  TAFDC exemptions and reduced need and payment standards; MA FS access program review; confirmation notice of direct deposit; expansion of categorical eligibility for FS; FS supplemental payments; treatment of census income; mandated participation and TAFDC Domestic Violence Waivers; DPH FOR Families referral form change; TAFDC and EA changes due to increase in federal poverty level; EA shelter placement change; Joblink section 8 housing voucher program; Example of TAFDC case affected by the elimination of TAFDC Work History requirement; Fleeing felon match; EAEDC lump sum income.
  • April 2000:  Access to Jobs Demand Response services and TAFDC Procedural Guide; Learnfare reminder.
  • March 2000:  Smith v. McIntire lasuit re: TAFDC extensions; CORI checks and child care payments; TAFDC 22 month active nonexempt cases report; expanded ESP participation; EAEDC caretaker family.
  • February 2000:  NPA FS worker responsibility for extension-related closed TAFDC cases; COLAS; Income/Expenses report; FS estimated community service hour requirement; 18 year-old high school students are exempt from FS work program requirements; revised forms for landlord verificaiton and shared housing verification for TAFDC, EAEDC, and FS; TAFDC Thibault disability exemption lawsuit update; TAFDC relocation benefits.
  • January 2000:  EA eligibility standards effective 7/1/99; noncitizen desk guide online; Acosta payment; Y2K plans;FS-- condiminium fees now full allowable as shelter cost; Structured Job Search Program (TAFDC);  Smith v. McIntire TAFC extension lawsuit; FS work program; FS 36-month clock;  Request for a Waiver Contination of TAFDC Program Requirements Due to Domestic Violence.
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