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Disability Rights and Services

Disability Rights and Services

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This section provides resources regarding the rights and services for those individuals with a range of physical and/or mental disabilities. With respect to mental disabilities, this section provides resources for individuals with cognitive impairment, developmental disabilities, autism, head injury, mental health diagnoses, and behavioral/emotional/social difficulties.

This section has information regarding the rights of individuals with disabilities, such as the right to be free from discrimination and abuse. It also has information regarding accessing supports and services for such individuals from public and private entities, such as accessing services from the Department of Mental Health or the Department of Developmental Disabilities (formerly the Department of Mental Retardation).

This section covers adults and minors. It addresses issues facing individuals living in the community and those living in educational placements, treatment facilities, and other institutional settings.

The editors of this section are Deborah Filler ( and Jennifer Honig (

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