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Welcome to the CORI Practice Area section. Massachusetts keeps a record of every criminal court appearance in the state courts. These records are known as CORI -- Criminal Offender Record Information.

CORI Reform:  If you are interested in following the status of pending CORI reform legislation, you can visit the following sites:

Latest Content

08/28/2014 - Pauline Quirion, Greater Boston Legal Services
This overview of how to seal records and many other related topics was updated to reflect  the SJC ruling in Commonwealth v. Pon... Read more
08/15/2014 - Pauline Quirion, Greater Boston Legal Services
People whose petitions to seal their criminal records of cases ending in a NON-CONVICTION (dismissal, nolle prosequi, or not guilty... Read more
08/20/2014 - Pauline Quirion, GBLS
Here is an analysis of the new SJC case and what it means - information for advocates on the new "good cause" standard set forth... Read more
08/15/2014 - SJC
GBLS won an appeal in the SJC on 8-15-14 where the SJC threw out the old onerous standard for sealing cases from its 1995 Commonwealth v.... Read more