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Non-examining physician


Although views of medical advisor are not always by themselves substantial evidence when medical advisor does not examine claimant, this


Disparity between claimant's symptoms and medication prescribed did not compel conclusion that doctor was inaccurate in describing severi


A written report submitted by a non- testifying, non-examining physician who merely reviewed the written medical evidence could not alone


Report of non-examining, non-testifying physician may, under some circumstances, act as substantial evidence to support a finding that a


ALJ may make common sense judgments about functional capacity based on medical findings as long as he does not overstep the bounds of a l


The testimony of a non-examining medical advisor--to be distinguished from the non-testimonial written reports in the instant case--can a


ALJ must determine what evidence he credits in order to pose a hypothetical which will be relevant and helpful.


Even though Chronic Fatigue Syndrome POMS were promulgated after adverse ALJ decision, previous version of same section of POMS re: evalu


Consulting examiner's opinions carry no less weight than those of the treating physician. Post - McDonald decision.


Approves administrative notice of occupational reference materials for information regarding various types of work.

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