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Good cause


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Nancy Lorenz

This is a redacted Complaint seeking judicial review of the Board of Hearings final action denying the appellant's motion to vacate the d

BOR (Board of Review)

The Board held claimant’s separation involuntary when her employer required her to decide, months prior to giving birth, that she would n

BOR (Board of Review)

Where a claimant was required to undergo an unpaid drug test in violation of wage-and-hour laws, the Board found good cause to quit.

BOR (Board of Review)

The Board held that a claimant’s leaving was involuntary where the claimant was experiencing respiratory issues while at work.

BOR (Board of Review)

A claimant has good cause to quit where an employer demands that the claimant violate safety regulations.

BOR (Board of Review)

"Board concluded that the claimant quit for good cause attributable to the employer.

Ken Owens, DUA Ui Benefits Director

Guidance on DUA standard for providing equal access to LEP claimants and determining when good cause exists for an LEP claimant to have f

National Center for Law and Economic Justice

From the introduction to the manual: 

BOR (Board of Review)

This case involves when an employee has the right to quit a job based on unsafe work conditions.

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