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domestic violence


On May 27, 2020, the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission sponsored a virtual question and answer session for community advocates i

Chief Justice Casey

This letter

Julia Devanthery, Dan Daley, and Lisabeth Jorgensen

A discussion of Boston Housing Authority v.

Anne L. Dale Nialetz

Affirmed - DCF had reasonable cause to find neglect where the Appellant Father: (1) exposed children to a highly hostile home environment

Anne L. Dale Nialetz

Affirmed in part and reversed in part - DCF had reasonable cause to support allegations of neglect where Appellant’s children were sexual

Anne L. Dale Nialetz

Affirmed - DCF had reasonable cause to believe that the child was neglected where the mother testified that there was a long history of d

Lisa Anne Henshall

Affirmed - DCF had sufficient evidence to find neglect where there was evidence of domestic violence in the presence of the child.

Maura E. Bradford

Reversed - DCF did not have a reasonable basis to believe that Appellant was liable for neglect on account of the Appellant not being a c

Jorge F. Ferreira

Affirmed - DCF had a reasonable basis for case closure when (1) there had been multiple unsupported or screened-out 51B decisions; (2) th

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