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per curiam -- Campbell, CJ; Coffin, Breyer, JJ

No substantial evidence that hypertension not controlled because of claimant's failure to follow prescribed treatment.


Secretary was entitled to apply Grid despite claimant's moderate anxiety neurosis, because the court finds substantial support for Appeal


Where the Medical-Vocational Guidelines require a finding of "not disabled," the ALJ need not name specific jobs that the claimant could


ALJ did not err in relying on Grid where substantial evidence supported ALJ's conclusion that pain did not impair claimant's ability to p


ALJ was free to rely solely on the Grids where he found that nonexertional impairments did not have a significant impact on the claimant'


Grid use precluded in view of history of significant mental disorders.


Even though Chronic Fatigue Syndrome POMS were promulgated after adverse ALJ decision, previous version of same section of POMS re: evalu


Pain can constitute a significant nonexertional impairment which precludes naked application of the Grid and requires use of a vocational


The Court "pays particular attention' to the ALJ's evaluation of complaints of pain in light of their subjective nature," quoting Sherwin


The burden of showing the existence of other jobs in the national economy that the claimant can perform (Step 5) rests on the Secretary.

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