Massachusetts SNAP Calculator

[Effective as of January, 2020]

Use this calculator to estimate the amount of monthly SNAP benefits a household may be eligible for in Massachusetts. The calculator is designed for advocates who are familiar with SNAP rules although everyone is welcome to use it. It does not apply to households which include a sanctioned member.

You can only fill in the gold boxes on this page, the rest are automated.

JavaScript must be turned on for the calculator to work properly.

Step 1: Household Composition

Is any member of the household elderly (age 60+) or receiving a disability-based benefit (e.g. SSI, EAEDC, MassHealth Disability, etc.) - select Yes or No

Step 2: Gross Income Test

Household / Assistance Unit Size
Enter Gross Unearned Income
     Monthly OR
     Weekly Converted to Monthly
Gross Monthly Unearned Income
Enter Gross Earned Income (if self-employed or independent contractor or gig worker, enter pre-tax net income after business expenses)
     Monthly OR
     Weekly Converted to Monthly
Gross Monthly Earned Income
Child Support paid by HH per month
Total Gross Monthly Income
200% poverty level/gross income test for HH
Does asset test apply?
Does net income test apply?

Step 3: Net Income

3-1. Income Deductions
3-1-A. Standard Deduction
3-1-B. Earned Income Deduction
SKIP THIS Excess Medical Deduction section if no elder or disabled person in household
3-1-C. Medical Deduction
Dependent Care Expenses (child or disabled adult) Monthly Cost for ALL Dependents
     Direct Care Costs
     Before- and After-School Care
     Transportation Costs
3-1-D. Dependent Care Deduction (total of expenses)
Child Support Payment Deduction
     Child support paid by household
3-1-E. Child Support Payment Deduction Result
Preliminary Adjusted Income after Deductions A, B, C, D & E
3-2. Expense Deductions
Is the household currently homeless?
Shelter Deduction
     ENTER (Monthly Amounts):
          Rent or Mortgage
          Insurance Costs (only for homeowners)
          Property Tax (only for homeowners)
           Does the household pay for heating or cooling (e.g. A/C during summer), OR did they receive any Fuel Assistance in the last 12 months?
          Does the household pay for electricity for non-heating purposes?
          Does the household pay for its own telephone service?
          Utility Status
          50% of Adjusted Income
     Shelter deduction in excess of 50% of adjusted income
     Cap (not applicable to elderly / disabled households)
3-2-A. Shelter Deduction Result
Homeless Deduction
3-2-B. Homeless Deduction
3-3. Net Income Calculation
     Total Gross Earned Income
     Earned Income Deduction
     Unearned Income
     Standard Deduction
     Medical Deduction
     Dependent Care Deduction
     Allowable Child Support Payments
     Allowable Homeless Deduction
     Excess Shelter Expense
Monthly Net Income
Max. Total Net Monthly Income for Household Size
3. NET INCOME TEST result:

Step 4: Final Determination

Step 4-1
30% of Net Income
Step 4-1
Step 4-2
Max. SNAP allotment for household size
Subtract Step 4-1

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