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OLGT 2019-14: Cross Programs: Homeless Indicator Pop-Up Reminder


To ensure that previously homeless clients receive the correct SNAP benefit amount, BEACON will issue a pop-up reminder whenever the Homeless Indicator is checked and changes are made to the Address, Shelter Expenses, and/or Standard Utility Allowance page(s).  This reminder will advise staff to revisit the Address page to review the client’s homeless status.  
It’s important to review the Homeless Indicator because it not only affects clients’ shelter deduction, but also their eligibility for the H-EAT program.  If a client moves and is no longer homeless but the Homeless Indicator is not unchecked, the client will not receive the H-EAT benefit that s/he may now qualify for.  Clients who are eligible for H-EAT often receive a significant increase in benefits.

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