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2018 ConnectorCare enrollment options after Jan 23

Health Care for All

People purchasing individual coverage including ConnectorCare can only do so during "open enrollment" or if they have experienced a "qualifying event." Open enrollment for 2018 ended in MA on Jan 23, 2018.  However, it is not too late for people to obtain ConnectorCare if

1. they are initially found eligible for ConnectorCare after Jan 23, or 2. they experience a "qualifying event" or 3. they are denied enrollment by the Connector (or by an insurance company) but qualify for a waiver from the Office of Patient Protections.

Attached is a summary of the rules for enrolling outside of open enrollment by Health Care for All.

More information from the Connector on enrolling outside of open enrollment is available here:

More information on the Office of Patient Protection waiver process (if not able to otherwise enroll) is available here:

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