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Law Overviews & Guides

Comprehensive guides and overviews of legal topics intended for advocates; in general, do NOT code simple fact sheets or client education materials with this term.

Maura Healey

Boston Bar Journal article about Goodridge, DOMA and marriage by Maura Healey who is now Attorney General of Massachusetts

Richard Yurko

Boston Bar Journal article about marriage equality, DOMA and families.   

Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

This document provides links to resources regarding the Massachusetts adoption of the Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Juris

MMPI, MassBudget and MLRI

This budget brief summarizes MassHealth and health reform spending in the 2015 budget. 

Pauline Quirion, Greater Boston Legal Services

Copy of regs and brief summary attached .

Pauline Quirion, Greater Boston Legal Services

People whose petitions to seal their criminal records of cases ending in a NON-CONVICTION (dismissal, nolle prosequi, or not guilty findi

Pauline Quirion, GBLS

Here is an analysis of the new SJC case and what it means - information for advocates on the new "good cause" standard set forth in Commo

Linda Landry, Disability Law Center

An overview of the process, for attorneys and advocates.

Thomas Mela

Article on the website, National Opportunity to Learn, about the history of Chapter 222, by Tom Mela, ~~Senior Project Director at Massac

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Another great resource from the Center on Budget in D.C.

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