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Court Decisions

Decisions issued by a court of judge.

Selya, First Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals

District Court (Judge Michael Ponsor) ordered substantial attorneys fees award for settlement in brain injury class action on February 8,

Center for Law and Education (CLE)

Attorneys from Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP and the Center for Law and Education recently became among the first lawyers in the country

Judge Patti Saris, USDJ

Federal Court Decides Dracut Appeal; Agrees transition services were denied but disagrees with suggested relief

Patrick E. Higginbotham, Circuit Judge

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the district court has no discretion to offset an EAJA award of attorney's fees with a futur

Bright, Circuit Judge

The Appeals Court remanded the case for a new hearing before the ALJ directing the ALJ to recontact the claimant's treating physician to

Woode, Circuit Judge

Remanded for an Award of Benefits

LYNCH, Chief Judge, BOUDIN, Circuit Judge, and SAYLOR,District Judge


LYNCH, Circuit Judge, CAMPBELL and SELYA, Senior Circuit Judges

In a suit under IDEA, parents claim that school district (defendants) failed to provide a disabled student with a free and appropriate pu

Supreme Court of the United States

Parents of a student with learning disablities removed him from the public school and placed him in a pr

U.S. District Court (Mass)

Stipulation and order in a class action enjoining housing authorities from denying eligibility for or participation in public housing to

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