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Court Decisions

Decisions issued by a court of judge.


GBLS won an appeal in the SJC on 8-15-14 where the SJC threw out the old onerous standard for sealing cases from its 1995 Commonwealth v.

U.S. Court of Appeals, Per Curiam

A 24 year old claimant with high school education and no relevant past work history alleged disability based on intellectual disability. 

Landya McCafferty

Remand was appropriate where the ALJ’s failed to consider an opinion from the claimant’s treating psychologist based on the incorrect inf

Judge Fisher

The panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court’s judgment affirming the SSA’s denial o


United States Court for the seventh circuit issued a remand in a case of a 40 year old applicant who applied for SSDI claiming disability

Sack, Hall, Livingston, Circuit Judges

In a pro se action the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has held that SSI benefits are not attachable for child support.

John J. McConnell, Jr., U.S. District Judge

Claimant is an Iraq was veteran deemed by the VA to have service connected PTSD.  Other diagnoses include major depression, long history

Kelley-Brown, Angel

A 15 year old student from Stoughton, MA who had an IEP was suspended indefinitely from school under 37H 1/2 after the Stoughton police n

Helen Gillmor, US District Judge
John H. Rich III, U.S. Magistrate Judge

Claimant filed concurrent applications for disablity benefits.  SSA allowed the SSI application at Reconsideration but denied the SSDI ap

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