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Briefs, Pleadings, Comments, Advice & Advocacy Letters

Sample briefs, pleadings, client advice letters, advocacy letters and comments prepared by advocates that can be used as models by other advocates.


Sample letters from doctors and other providers verifying good cause reasons for missing work activities.


CPR is working with Florida's Advocacay Center for Persons with Disabilities to seek changes to portions of Florida's sweeping Medicaid w


Various charts showing the gross income tests and maximum benefits for households in various categories.


The legislature has postponed these proposed rules until at least Jan.

Pat Baker and Rochelle Hahn, MLRI

Letter to Commissioner detailing problems with FS applications being denied for lack of verifications due to lack of assistance, problems

Department of Transitional Assistance

Issued through Field Operations Memo 2005-1A

Department of Transitional Assistance
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