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Administrative Decisions

Decisions issued by an administrative agency, administrative law judge, or administrative council.

BOR (Board of Review)

The claimant, who was diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders including borderline schizophrenia and borderline personality disor

BOR (Board of Review)

After remand, the claimant has provided reliable evidence showing that, with an aggressive schedule, she can complete her early childhood

BOR (Board of Review)

When a temporary employer informs a claimant that his assignment has ended, but offers no new work, the claimant is deemed to have separa

BOR (Board of Review)

Board approved training benefits to a claimant, who sought to switch Section 30 approval from one full-time biotechnology training progra

BOR (Board of Review)

In the eight years working for the college, this adjunct professor’s offered courses had been cancelled four times—most recently two year

BOR (Board of Review)

A claimant who informed her employer that her work was overwhelming and who, several weeks later, had a mental breakdown separated involu

BOR (Board of Review)

With a recent history of not teaching one of her assigned courses two years earlier, a new CERB order that threw into doubt whether adjun

BOR (Board of Review)

The employer’s past pattern of hiring the claimant, an adjunct professor, to teach two courses each semester and providing a specific wor

BOR (Board of Review)

Where the school failed to provide the software needed to perform coursework until after the originally approved training program complet

BOR (Board of Review)

Claimant, who both began and quit part-time benefit year employment with the instant employer after he had applied for training benefits,

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