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Consumer & Tax

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The Consumer and Tax Law section contains materials about issues such as credit, bankruptcy, utilities, tax credits and unfair and deceptive practices.

Latest Content

01/15/2020 - CBPP
A brochure in 21 languages explaining the federal EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) is available at the Center on Budget and Policy... Read more
03/27/2013 - Fred Corbit
Powerpoint slides for Fred Corbit's webinar, "Prioritizing Debts of Survivors of Domestic Violence."
10/08/2015 - Amy Traub, Demos, and CSAJ
How employer credit checks impact employment opportunities for survivors. Individual level advocacy strategies were discussed with an... Read more
02/10/2016 - Jamie Andree, JD
CSAJ's Expert Advisor, Jamie Andree, provided a webinar training on a range of tax advocacy issues facing survivors.  Access... Read more

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