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Washington State Court LEP Plan

Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts

The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts in collaboration with the Interpreter Commission, Northwest Justice Project and Columbia Legal Services released the Washington State LEP Plan in July 2007.

"The goal of the Washington State LEP Plan is to assist courts statewide in devising methods to provide access to LEP individuals that consistently meet or exceed federal and state mandates. To that end, the Washington State LEP Plan provides trial courts with a brief outline of the federal and state mandates regarding the level of services that should be made available to LEP individuals, and a guide to assist trial courts in meeting these important requirements. It lists organizations and individuals (including contact information) that have an interest in improving LEP individuals’ ability to access the courts, and describes the efforts made by these groups to enable the trial courts to more readily provide quality interpreters."

"The Washington State LEP Plan also includes a template and step-by-step directions for creating a Language Assistance Plan (LAP) that can be adapted to the local needs and circumstances of each court, cluster of courts, or all courts in a county or region. See Appendices A and B. By utilizing the template and directions, each court or
regional cluster can assess the language needs of its own court community and develop a local plan for ensuring meaningful access to the courts by all LEP individuals."


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