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Unemployment cliff, Hurricane Ida, Summer PEBT & eviction legal help

We hope you are all safe after the most recent storm. We have a host of updates and information below - Pat and I hope you have had some time away this summer to rejuvenate. We are so appreciative of the work you all do, and we need all of your collective energy as we move ahead! 
Our next Coalition meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 14th from 10-11:30. We will have the Food and Nutrition Service New England Regional Office on to share information about the Thrifty Food Plan updates and meet the Coalition, and will also focus much of our attention on next week's unemployment cliff. Between now and then, MLRI and GBLS will host a free training on SNAP and TAFDC cash assistance with a focus on those losing unemployment benefits next week - more info and registration link below!
Unemployment cliff - connect families with TAFDC! + register for MLRI/GBLS training 
Today's New York Times article on the impending unemployment cliff is a powerful overview of the economic crisis many will face starting next week. There are many reasons folks are not able to access work right now - child care barriers, lack of access to remote work jobs for folks who are immunocompromised, concerns regarding Delta, etc. And for those who are able to access work, the hours or pay may not be consistent or pay a living wage. However, all pandemic related unemployment benefits will end after 9/4. This means that most affected claimants will get their last payments the week of 9/5. 
The unemployment benefits that are ending include:
  • PUA (for those left out of traditional unemployment), 
  • PEUC (extended weeks of regular unemployment), 
  • FPUC (the $300/week boost up), and 
  • MEUC (a $100/week boost up for certain workers)
SNAP and TAFDC cash assistance are here for eligible households. In addition to connecting to SNAP, we want to make sure as many families as possible who are eligible for TAFDC apply before the end of September in order to get the $350 clothing allowance per eligible child. For more information on TAFDC and other resources for those losing unemployment, see MLRI and GBLS fliers in 5 languages here. Also, register for MLRI and GBLS training on September 9 at 10:30 AM on SNAP and TAFDC cash assistance.
Hurricane Ida - reminder about replacement SNAP benefits
SNAP households who lost food due to a misfortune - eg. flooding or due to a power outage that lasted at least 4 hours - can request replacement SNAP benefits from DTA. Households need to report the food loss to DTA within 10 days of the loss- this report can be made verbally or in writing. There is an option on the Assistance Line to automatically make the report - press 5 after selecting language to file a report. 
After filing the report, households need to get additional information to DTA. Households can write a self-declaration, they do not have to fill out the DTA form! Learn more on MLRI's webpage on household misfortune SNAP here. 
For Summer P-EBT - 9/8 deadline for SNAP +  National School Lunch Program applications for kids who didn't get Summer PEBT!
Now that the summer is ending, there are 2 groups of kids we want to flag who may be eligible for the full $375 of summer PEBT - but the family needs to take action before September 8!
  1. Families who apply for SNAP before September 8 should qualify for summer PEBT for their kids under 6 once they are approved for SNAP. Plus, babies born before September 8 are eligible for summer PEBT, as long as they are part of a household enrolled in SNAP! We encourage families to apply for SNAP ASAP! 
  2. Families who did NOT get Summer PEBT for their school aged children - and who aren't eligible for SNAP or who don't want to apply - should complete an application for the National School Lunch Program free and reduced price meals before September 8. Even though school meals are currently free for all school kids due to pandemic waivers, eligiblity for free/reduced price meals = eligiblity for Summer PEBT.   
COVID Eviction Legal Help Project  (CELHP) - videos and resources for those facing eviction 
CELHP has created a series of community legal education videos. These videos encourage tenants facing eviction to stay in their homes and apply for rental assistance. Now more than ever, it is essential that we get these messages out to our communities. CELHP posted these videos on the CELHP Twitter and Facebook. Please amplify! For more information and to connect with CELHP, visit