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Two Advocacy Trainings coming up: CORI Basics on March 21st; and Health Care Access on April 4th

The following trainings at MLCE in Boston complete MLRI's 2012/2013 Basic Benefits Training cycle til next fall. All are welcome.

Thursday, March 21: Basics on CORI from 9:30 - 12:15 PM 

This training provides a review of basics of the law pertaining to criminal offender record information (CORI) and an overview of changes in the law that took effect on May 4, 2012. Massachusetts keeps criminal offender record information, known as "CORI," on every individual who enters the state's criminal court system. CORI is recorded and kept on file even if the underlying case is ultimately dismissed or the accused is found not guilty. CORI is used in screening processes by employers, landlords, and government agencies. The increased use of CORI by employers and others has resulted in more and more people with criminal records being denied employment, housing, benefits, and other opportunities for economic stability that others take for granted. This program provides "nuts and bolts" instructions on how to seal a client's criminal record. You learn how to obtain a copy of a client's CORI, read and understand it, correct errors, determine if it can be sealed, and how to seal it.
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Thursday, April 4th: Health Care Access in Changing Times from 9:30 to 4 PM 

The Massachusetts health reform law and the MassHealth waiver have created programs that offer affordable health coverage for almost all low-income state residents, but navigating the eligibility system is complicated. Starting in 2014, the national health reform law is slated to make significant changes in Medicaid and other subsidized insurance programs. This training gives outreach workers, social workers, providers, and advocates an up-to-date nutsand- bolts overview of the eligibility requirements of the main subsidized health care programs for people under age 65, and how to assist their patients and clients in becoming enrolled and maintaining coverage, and a preview of changes to expect in 2014. It is helpful for new advocates as well as experienced advocates looking for a review and update. Extensive materials are included.-- 
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