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Special video to explain November ARRA cuts to Massachusetts SNAP recipients - over 470,000 to receive SNAP Reduction Notices soon

In the next few days, over 470,000 Massachusetts SNAP recipients will start receiving DTA notices telling them about the cut to their SNAP benefits due to the end of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act boost in benefits. Over the last few days we've been working with Bright Screen Productions to create a short video to explain the changes to Massachusetts SNAP recipients (Spanish-language coming very soon). 
The video is uploaded at the following website:  
We know these cuts will harmful to SNAP households, especially as they struggle with fall/winter energy costs. We urge you to check the "SNAP math" and screen households for possible unclaimed income deductions that could boost their SNAP benefits - such as dependent care for working families, and medical expenses for elder and disabled households. We also urge you to flag other food resources that can help households get through tough times. Please feel free to share this video widely with clients and community organizations. 
In addition, we hope you and the low income families you work with will contact members of Congress to oppose any further cuts to SNAP. The 2013 Farm Bill Conference Committee deliberations start tomorrow. Please do everything you can to both thank your member for their ongoing support and urge them to continue to support and defend the SNAP program! 
Special thanks to DC Hunger Solutions for letting us use their materials to create this Massachusetts-specific video, to DTA and Project Bread for their input and collaboration, and to our funder for their financial support for production costs.