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SNAP replacement benefits; Agenda for 10/22 SNAP Coalition Meeting

Greetings all and special hugs to those of you around the state still without power.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to lighten the load.  Below is information for your clients and the agenda for Tuesday’s SNAP Coalition meeting (yes, 10/22 is the 4th Tuesday of the month!)


SNAP replacement benefits for households that lost power

Tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents lost power during the storm late Wednesday night/Thursday AM.  Any SNAP households that lost food – or had to throw out food unsafe to eat due to lack of refrigeration – they can request replacement SNAP from DTA. For information about the steps to take, click here. Reports to DTA must be made within 10 days of the loss of food. 

Boston SNAP Coalition AGENDA:  Tuesday, October 22, 10 to Noon at St Francis House, Boston  


·         Federal legislative updates: pending legislation closing the Meal Gap, school meals, college student hunger (and where is our MA Delegation on these priorities?)  See FRAC website for list of priority bills:

·         Federal updates on proposed regulations:

o   Reopening of USDA comment period for “Cat El” rule changes that impact free school meal status. November 1 comment deadline. See information HERE

o   Discussion of newly proposed regulations placing a cap the SNAP utility allowance and impact on Massachusetts – would take SNAP from estimated 45% of our caseload. December 2 comment deadline.  See #HandsOffSNAP information HERE.

·         Public charge: Update on court injunctions, resources for immigrant households

·         State legislation updates:  Breakfast after Bell, School Meal Debt, SNAP Gap, HIP, College student hunger, and more. 

·         DTA Staffing Updates:  Staffing changes at DTA Central - Acting DTA Commissioner Melissa Pullin taking the reins for Jeff McCue  

·         City of Boston Food Access:  Presentation on the Boston food access agenda 2019-2021


·         Policy Discussion/Updates:

o   SNAP Misfortune benefits – reminder re replacement benefits during outages

o   Overpayment updates, and DTA use of private collections agency 

o   ABAWDs– revised notices and other updates  

o   SNAP supplement policy for households with drastic changes 

o   SSI recipients  on “Ticket to Work” program, treatment of earned income

o   Proofs requested by local food pantries for emergency food (households do not need to provide a photo ID or an SSN, what are you seeing this?) 

o   SNAP Outreach efforts to AARP members  with Project Bread – brief update/check in 


·         Upcoming webinars, trainings and last 2019 Boston SNAP Coalition Meeting:

o   Free SNAP Medical Expense Webinar for Massachusetts community orgs, Tuesday November 5th - register HERE

o   Basis Benefits Training at MCLE: Supplemental Security Income/SSDI Training, November 6th

o   Basic Benefits Training at MCLE:  Overview of TAFDC Cash Assistance Program, December 12th

o   November/December Boston SNAP Coalition Meeting:  Tuesday, December 3rd






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