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SNAP Recertification processing delays- Update and Check-In

Re: SNAP Recertification processing delays- Update and Check-In 
SNAP Coalition members have repeatedly shared problems with DTA not acting on documents they receive on SNAP applications and recertifications.  
As Coalition members know, this has escalated since DTA'sÂ"modernization" changes were implemented at the end of October. We've heard non-stop that forms and documents sent to the DTA Document Management Center in Taunton and "indexed" to the BEACON case record are NOT acted on - unless a client or advocate can get through the DTA Assistance Line and ask for documents to be reviewed. 
At the February 24th SNAP Coalition meeting, DTA staff stated DTA has a "prioritization system" for documents that should prevent case closings or delays. Assistant Commissioner Anne O'Sullivan stated that BEACON (DTA's computer system) is supposed to:  
  1. prioritize action on SNAP applications getting close to the 30 day deadline from date of the paper, on-line or in-person application, and 
  2. prioritize action on SNAP recertifications getting close to the end of the SNAP certification period (assuming the client sent in a recert form timely).  
MLRI met on Wednesday with DTA Central staff and they claim the DTA case workers have "caught up" on processing delays. They said that that SNAP recerts filed should now be "bubbling up" for review before the case closing deadline. DTA Central claimed that SNAP recertifications in the system that were not processed timely from October - mid-February have been reviewed. They asked us to bring to their attention any RECENT cases where the SNAP application or recertification forms were sent in and NOTHING was done by the processing deadline.
If you see any SNAP households who submitted a recertification form timely - Âand nothing happened Â(no interview, no verification checklist, no DTA letter of acknowledgement the recert was received) -  please us know.  We need to confirm if this "prioritization" system is working and continue our advocacy on these issues. 
Please tell us--even if you contacted DTA and got the case fixed!  We remain most worried about unrepresented/unassisted clients.
Contact Vicky Negus ( or Pat Baker ( 
For more information about DTA and Business Process Redesign "BPR" see: