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SNAP Helps 1 in 13 Working Massachusetts Residents Put Food on the Table - CBPP Info-graphics and Fact Sheets

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities released its updated fact sheets highlighting how SNAP impacts low wage workers in the United States and in each and every state. See the Center's Septebmer 1, 2017 blog post - Attached are:

  • CBPP's fact sheet on Massachusetts working families, PDF download. 

  • MLRI's quick reference chart on SNAP benefits for full and part time working families. 

As Congress and the White House gets back to work on the federal budget, tax reform, FEMA relief for Hurricane Harvey - we also need to get back to work to protect and strengthen SNAP and all federal nutrition programs.  Please share this information with your community partners and local reporters.

Note, there is a COLA adjustment in SNAP coming Oct 1st.  We will ship out a separate email on that adjustment with updated materials soon.